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IT Services

What are Managed IT Services?

As a Managed Services Provider (commonly referred to as an “MSP”), Comtech Systems of LA serves as the primary IT provider for our clients. We proactively manage every aspect of your infrastructure, remotely monitoring every device and application on your network.

We design, install, manage, and support industry leading IT solutions to secure your business’ data, enhance productivity, and support day-to-day IT operations.

We handle all the technology required to meet your employees’ modern needs and to accommodate all the different ways that they perform — whether in the office or working remotely.

Our team provides strategic leadership to create a technology road map, enabling you to make the proper purchasing, implementation, and budgeting decisions, so you have a clear vision for the future of your IT.


Server & Network

If you have the right staff to cover desktop support, but would like help with highly-technical infrastructure, we can take over day-to-day support for your servers, SANs, cloud-hosted systems, network architecture, and more. 


Technical Consultation

If you’ve got the right staff in place to cover all of your IT projects and support functions, we can provide an IT rock star, aka a Client CIO, to help with planning and project management while your people turn the wrenches.


Helpdesk Services

If your IT engineers are getting bogged down with Tier 1 desktop support, transition that support over to Comtech Systems of LA, and keep your top IT people focused on higher-priority needs.

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